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Who Do We Work For?

We prefer to think of it as who we work with, as the client's input is just as important as what we do.

Much of our work is directly for homeowners who may be looking for one, some or all of the services we offer. You might be considering upgrading your home cinema set up or maybe adding 2 or 3 rooms of audio. You might be building a new home, or refurbishing an existing one, and wanting to make sure you don't miss anything important (the critical thing is getting any cables you might need in the future installed while you have the chance - so make sure you talk to us sooner rather than later).

Sometimes we are employed by architects, or interior designers, who have an idea that they want to achieve but not the technical know how to make it happen. Key areas of interest tend to be lighting design and control - because they appreciate how effective this can be and because it gets rid of the "wall acne" of multiple dimmer switches. Multi-room audio is another favourite, particularly when speakers can be housed discretely, or even made to disappear completely.

We also work with developers and builders who want to add value to a property and make it stand out from the crowd. Lighting control, perhaps just in key areas like Kitchens and Bathrooms, creates tremendous impact for potential buyers without demolishing the contingency fund. Data networks are also a favourite as they provide huge benefits and future-proofing for a nominal outlay.

Whoever you are, or whatever capacity you are working in, if you're considering work on a domestic property please get in touch for a chat. It costs nothing and might save you a lot of heartache, money, or both.