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Our industry has trouble knowing what to call itself. Some companies call themselves Custom Installers, some prefer Systems Integrators, others call themselves Electronic Designers. Whatever the name, the common links tend to be technology and electronics.

In simple terms (if you can call it that), we take a discipline, lets use TV signal distribution as an example, then use our knowledge and experience to make this as functional and flexible for your needs as possible. We would ensure that the reception equipment is optimum and correctly installed for the best possible signal. Then we would design a distribution network that maintains this quality all over your home. We would also provide it with extra functionality like being able to work with satellite signals or provide remote control. This might mean you have a set top box in one room but can view and control it in another room.

This attention to detail in the design is something we apply to all the disciplines we cover. Our aim is to give not just the minimum you need, but a flexible design that offers superb value, makes your life easier and increases the enjoyment you get from your house.

CCTV Control Systems Lighting Control

Audio & Video

The music system used to live in the Lounge, and perhaps a radio in the Kitchen. Now the hi-fi has come of age and can live all around your home, so you can listen to whatever you like, wherever you want in the highest fidelity all accessed from something as simple as a Smart Phone. We apply the same ideas to video providing your with HD and even 3D entertainment all over your home at the press of a button.

Lighting Control

Lighting control allows you to make the most of any lighting design. It also makes using your homes lighting easier and much, much more cost efficient. You can create repeatable moods without fumbling with rotary dimmers and light ‘pathways’ through you home with a single button press to name two very simple functions. As a by product, your lighting will use less energy and fittings will need changing less often.

TV, Radio & Satellite Distribution

I want Freeview, Freesat, Sky+ HD and Cable and I want it in every room. Oh and I want to control it from anywhere. And another thing, I want to watch different things in different rooms at the same time. No problem, you came to the right place. Our distribution systems are designed to meet you and your families needs.

Marine Audio Visual

An escape on the ocean that’s a home from home. We have many years of experience in designing custom audio visual systems for sea going yachts. Through experience we understand that the sea can be a cruel place and systems need to be not just easy to use but robust to withstand the harsh conditions encountered. Whether its for relaxing during on deck sunbathing or calming the nerves during a force 10 gale, we can offer a system to suit

CCTV Security Systems

An Englishman's home is his Castle they say. Unfortunately in today's world it seems that private property is under siege. Thankfully modern CCTV systems can protect your home 24 / 7 365 days per year, giving you piece of mind your home is secure wherever you may be. Our systems even let you check up on your home from your mobile phone and can personally warn you if your security is breached.

Integrated Control Systems

So having made your home a smart home you now have a nice collection of remote controls. We remove this ‘complication through integrating control of many devices onto a single interface like an iPad. We can also automate many tasks and even provide remote access to your home. In simplifying the control we allow you to get the most from your technology.

Home Cinema

Get the best seat in the house...every time. The excitement of watching a film at the cinema...but without the mobile phones ringing, rustling sweet wrappers and chattering teenagers...all without leaving your home. Our home cinemas bring the excitement but at a scale that suits you. From flat screen based systems to bespoke rooms with cinema quality projection. Coronation Street will never be the same again.......

Lighting Design

Good lighting design can change the atmosphere in a room, enhance its décor and provide the optimum environment to live and work in. When combined with a simple and intuitive lighting control system, you not only get the most from your living space but also save energy. Lighting can make such a beneficial impact to your environment both internally and externally its always worth investing in.

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