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TV, Radio and Satellite distribution is an important part of any home installation. Without it you won’t be getting any reception of of your favourite TV and Radio!

At Audio Visual Interiors we understand that a distribution system today needs more than just an aerial stuck on the roof.  You need to make sure its the right aerial so it provides the right signal strength and captures the channels you need. We understand that for radio users whether they  have a preference for analogue or digital, that reception is optimised for the superb reproduction quality that can be achieved. Not just throw up an omni direction aerial as a token gesture.

When it comes to Satellite we make sure you have the means to expand the number of boxes in your home as the demands of your family grow, and make it possible to receive services from overseas.

Within your house we distribute all this content so that not only can you receive it in each and every room in your home, but  also that you can control it should you have a single terrestrial or satellite ‘set top box’ located centrally.

And we make sure that next to each TV point is a network point o that you can also access all of the streamed TV content available today.

But that’s not all. As media managers we ensure your TV distribution works in harmony with your other TV  sources such as DVD players and CCTV ensuring you have one single harmonised system that gives you the freedom to watch what you want wherever you want in your home.