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Music is important to all of us, it can raise our spirits and relax us. The iPod - and other portable devices - have revolutionised the way we listen to music on the go. But who wants to carry a portable player and listen through headphones at home?

Multi-room audio systems have been available for many years.

However, they have been complicated to install, limited to a set number of rooms, only connected to your local sources (eg CD player, cassette deck, FM radio, Sky, etc), difficult to use, flaky in operation, and prohibitively expensive for most people.

Now, at last, home audio has come of age. It is now easy to use and can be controlled from an intuitive touch screen remote, a home computer, or even your phone or tablet.

Today’s audio systems connect to your home network allowing you to stream music from your PC or a hard-drive. As it’s connected to the internet, it also gives you access to over 30,000 radio stations. Many systems also offer streamed music services. These services give you instant access to hundreds of thousands of tracks. You can have access to almost limitless music without even owning a CD.

In fact, you can play whatever you like, wherever you want. whether it's Kasabian in the Kitchen, The Beatles in the Bathroom or Pavarotti on the Patio - all at the same time if you want! You can even set a sleep timer so the system  switches off automatically after a chosen period when you go to bed, and alarms so you can wake up to your favourite music or radio station in the morning.

So, all the music you could ever want, in a system anyone can work, at a price most people can afford. It's so good even your kids will think you're "cool".

This type of functionality puts you in control of the music and also means you no longer have to have the ‘proper hi-fi’ in the Living Room.

Audio Visual Interiors passion for quality means we not only select only the worlds best audio components, but we also make sure they offer the functionality you expect from today’s technology. So if you like the idea of navigating your music library using an iPad but  think that this kind of ease of use is only available from mass market ‘low-fi’ systems, think again. Audio Visual Interiors can provide real quality music systems from renowned British audio companies like Naim Audio and Meridian. Both these respected brands offer outstanding performance together with the ease of use you expect from playing music via something like an iPod.

Ah yes, we hear you say, but that will be an expensive solution won’t it? Well no actually. A totally self contained music system with streaming and ‘app’ control from Naim starts from as little as £1,150 for the excellent UnitiQute 2. Now that is music to your ears!

But our ability to enrich your lifestyle is not just limited to quality music reproduction. Video is now as important to many of us as music. Imagine a world without movies.

The same trends that have revolutionised the way we listen to and distribute music around a home have transformed video sources as well.

Imagine all you movies stored on a hard drive and accessible at any time, anywhere in your home. Pick up the remote or pick up you iPad, choose a movie and press play. Its that simple and all in High Definition and even 3D.

Of course a video distribution system need not be so elaborate, it could be as simple as being able to watch Sky on any TV in the house and control it.

Whatever you want from your home entertainment system and wherever you want to access it, you can be sure that we will listen to your requirements, then look to exceed your expectations.

Our range of Audio Visual solutions are chosen for there suitability to different requirements but they do all have one thing in common. They offer the best performance available for a given price point. Why accept second best when you can have the best?