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Boating and sailing is one of the most popular pastimes. Experience the thrill of slicing through the open sea just once and you will be hooked.!

After a days sailing though, its time to relax. Maybe sunbathe on deck to some background tunes or have some friends over to party and liven up the harbour. You could just chill out in the Saloon and take in a movie or retire to your cabin for some  private listening or viewing.

Having an audio visual system aboard your vessel can make it a real home from home. However, it really requires a bit of thought when choosing what to have. This is where we come in.

Years of experience working with one of the very best names in the marine world (Nautors-Swan), have taught us a great deal about designing audio visual systems for use on water. For one thing, systems need to be simple. You don’t want to have to remember how things work each time you visit your pride and joy. For another they have to be efficient with both space and power. Space is always at a premium on a boat and offshore you only have batteries to sustain you. A hulking megawatt amplifier is a definite no no.  Then there is the environment. The constant exposure to the salty air,  repeated soakings of deck speakers from crashing waves, shocks encountered in high seas as the boat rides the waves. All these elements are not audio visual equipment friendly.

Our expertise from working on a variety of sizes of boat and being onboard while boats are at sea, has given us valuable insight into the unique demands of this environment.

Let us worry about the details while you sit back, and enjoy your favourite music...........