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Lighting Design is a combination of creative and practical elements.

A good Lighting Designer has to have vision but also the know-how to translate it into a real-world system. They need artistic flair coupled with the technical savvy to know what will work and what won't. They need the maturity that years of experience bring whilst maintaining an unbridled enthusiasm for their subject.

They have to be able to communicate well to understand the feel that you're after, use their skills to choose specific light fittings for particular positions that will not only do the required job perfectly but also look beautiful in the process. They have to choose fittings that complement the rest of the house, decor and furnishings but are still able to do a practical job (there's no point having a Kitchen that is made to look beautiful but you can't see to chop the parsley!).

Finally the vision has to be translated into a practical, understandable blueprint that will allow contractors to install all the required cables, backboxes, light fittings, junction boxes, firehoods, switches and faceplates in the right places without needing a PhD in design or technical drawing.

And most importantly, all this has to be done within a real-world budget!

The requirement to possess all these disparate skills means that good Lighting Designers are few and far between, and affordable ones even rarer. The good news is....we've got one.

Affordable doesn't mean he's as cheap as your electrician, but neither will you get a ceiling peppered with B&Q downlights. We're flexible in how we work, so whether you're after a little advice on a perfect fitting for your Dining Room, or interested in a home-wide design we can help, and you'll always know how much it's going to cost before we start.

A Roof terrace transformed by the addition of carefully placed lighting. This design also incorporates colour changing light to add extra atmosphere.

A simple and attractive garden which is made a feature at night by the addition of only 8 carefully placed spotlights