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Lighting Control allows each individual circuit of lighting to be controlled independently, allowing multiple “scenes” to be set in a room or area. These can be selected from a single wall plate rather than the large, ugly bank of dimmers used in a conventional system, which all have to be switched on/off and dimmed manually. Each button can control multiple lighting circuits, and even other devices such as blinds and curtains, around the home. The lighting system  can also be operated

by remote control and even programmed so "events" happen automatically.

There are numerous advantages over conventional “all on” or “all off” light switches.


Energy efficient




Whilst some of the above benefits require a whole home system, lighting control can also work wonders when limited to just a few, or even one, area. In most homes, the rooms most likely to really showcase the benefits are Living Rooms, Dining Rooms, Master Bedrooms, Bathrooms and En-suites and of course Kitchens. The variety of potential light fittings and positions in Kitchens (in-ceiling downlights, under wall unit fittings,  picture lights, over-table pendants, kick board and sculpted ceiling rope lights, spot lights, glazed cupboard downlights, etc) coupled with the multitude of shapes, surfaces and textures of worktops, floors, cupboards, appliances, windows, pictures, etc., offers almost endless possibilities for creating beautiful and practical effects.

Whilst lighting control is often installed when a house is being built or refurbished, the latest wireless technology means it can also be retrofitted so any home can benefit from it at any time.