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You're filled with anticipation. This film stars some of your favourite actors, it's been hailed as a modern classic by the critics, it's broken box office records and been nominated for an armful of Oscars.

Tonight you will have your own private screening. You relax back into your armchair, take a sip of coffee or your favourite tipple and press the "Movie" button on your remote control.

The lights slowly dim as the projector gently illuminates the room, the screen glides down from the ceiling and tucked away unseen in a cabinet your Blu-ray player starts to play  the opening credits...and the hairs start to stand up on the back of your neck!

Welcome to your Home Cinema

Home Cinema is about recreating the excitement of watching a film at a commercial cinema. It's about a big screen, a big sound and a big experience. You choose the film, you choose the time, and you decide when to pause to put the kettle on, all from the comfort of your favourite seat.

Your home cinema may be in your Lounge, or you might have a dedicated room such as a converted Garage or Loft. Wherever it is we can make sure it's special. We've spent over 20 years designing layouts, hiding cables, making screens and speakers disappear and setting up systems to their spine tingling optimum.

The only downside of having us install a home cinema system for you is that your local multiplex will never seem quite the same again. If you think you might love home cinema as much as we do gve us a call on 0843 330 4989, or drop us an email, to see how we can help. We don't bite and our advice costs nothing.

Hidden main speakers and custom subwoofer system

Combine normal TV with the big screen