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Sadly, keeping our homes and possessions secure has become a necessity these days. Fortunately with modern CCTV systems this has become much easier to do and provides real piece of mind. CCTV cameras today are compact and discreet designs which allow high quality colour viewing during the day and black and white viewing at night. Even on a pitch black night, they maintain vigilance by having ‘invisible’ illumination which allows them to literally see in the dark. Some of our cameras are so sensitive they can almost see without any illumination at all.

Cameras are available in a range of styles from the traditional ‘security camera’ look, to covert types disguised as such inoccuous objects like alarm PIR sensors or smoke detectors.

In partnership with the CCTV camera is the Digital Video Recorder or DVR. These are 24/7 365 day per year sentinals which monitor your cameras. They are sophisticated devices which actively look at each cameras image, and begin to record the moment movement is detected. They record these images in the same quality you would expect from a DVD, ensuring crisp clean images the Police can use in the event of a crime.

In addition to many other sophisticated features such as triggering alarms or even distributing images around your house, one of the most handy is the ability to view, control, and even take snapshots of your cameras using a Smartphone. This works from anywhere in the world over a mobile network. Now you can keep an eye on your home wherever you are.

For an apprasal of you existing CCTV or if you would like to discuss protecting your home from unwelcome visitors, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss the options available to you.